Hello, I’m Jonathan Crick , this is my testimony of using Testogen Australia for 3 months, one of the best testosterone booster in Australia.

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My Results After Using Testogen Australia For 3 Months


  • Primary reason for taking Testogen: Energy and Focus.
  • Secondary reasons for taking Testogen: Fat Loss

“Voraciously I searched for something to help increase my energy levels as I approached 50.

It just took so much more will power to do all the activities that I love to do: lifting, hiking, martial arts, soccer, etc…

The struggle of getting out of bed had me worried, so I researched.

I tried all manner of pills and powders.

If you do your due diligence then you will know the abundance of potions and concoctions out there that claim to give you your energy back, your drive back.

Some offer slight improvement for a number of days, then I suppose tolerance builds to the ingredients and back to baseline you go.

I tried Nootropics as well for the increase in energy levels.

They offer great benefit in many areas but did not provide that catalyst I was needing.

Again, I researched.

Then I came across some Testogen reviews Australia.

Testosterone boosters were always snake oils in my experience.

I have tried them before to no avail.

But I was really ready to try anything and the reviews were impressive.

I scrolled through the claims:

  • Build lean muscle and get stronger
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Enhance cognitive functioning
  • Lose belly fat
  • Improve your mood
  • Increase your energy

It’s that last one that I was after.

I was skeptical, of course, but all the other benefits were enticing.

So I decided to go ahead and try it.

Plus, there were so many positive reviews that expressed Testogen was actually able to produce the results claimed.

I didn’t want to just be swayed by reviews, but often times I have found that when there are so many positive reviews from so many sites the product at least warrants a trial.

My Experience With Testogen (the first month)

I ordered a bottle of Testogen on December 28, 2022.

and began taking Testogen on January 5, 2023.

I did not change any variable in my daily life except for adding Testogen to ensure I gave it a proper experiential analysis.

Day 5

I recognized my energy and mood upon waking were slightly improved

(though I wasn’t really cognizant of it until day 6 when I reflected that I did indeed feel this difference the previous day).

The change was not drastic but the sluggishness and fogginess dissipated somewhat.

Day 6: my morning routines were met with very little resistance or thought.

I was actually in quite a good mood, which I thought was a bit bizarre, compared to how it has been this past year or two.

It was at that point I wondered to myself: am I experiencing a placebo effect?

Day 10

work rate has improved significantly.

My daily tasks are met with determined focus and by the end of the day, I am not exhausted but ready to hit the gym or the dojo.

This is what I was hoping for with Testogen.

Let’s see how this carries through for the next three weeks.

Day 15

this is when I noticed a much-welcomed improvement.

My lifts were less strenuous.

I was getting through sets with more energy left in the tank.

There was more focus on each rep and my stamina felt much better.

Even post workout I felt like I could do a couple more circuits.

No change in strength or libido at this point

Day 18

mood has been positive, energy and focus have remained constant, and lifts have been fun; and I haven’t seen any dips, so, at this point, I am ruling out a placebo effect.

Energy and focus are stable and clean.

My girlfriend has pointed out that my libido has changed: more playful and more stamina.

I have that same feeling as when I was in college.

I can also say that Testogen has helped with accelerating fat loss versus a previous routine without Testogen.

Nothing dramatic but noticeable and motivating.

I would highly recommend Testogen for those looking to improve their energy, mood, libido, stamina, fat loss, and lean muscle gain.

Give Testogen a realistic chance, for it is not a magic pill, and do everything you can to be healthy, with your nutrition and training.

What Testogen claims is what I have been experiencing and I am excited to see what happens in the next half of this first bottle.

Do your due diligence and find out for yourself why the ingredients in Testogen are so beneficial, then buy a bottle, and from you own experience you will see that Testogen delivers your youth back.

Testogen gives you back your Prime.”

What are the Advantages of Testogen?

  • Increase healthy testosterone levels naturally.
  • Increase strength, reduce body fat, raises energy levels and promotes muscle growth
  • Boost libido, increase stamina, improve sperm quality and improve sexual performance
  • Perform better in the bedroom and satisfy your partner.
  • It will also enhance male characteristics and boost confidence.
  • Composed of natural but potent ingredients that are safe or use by all men
  • There is a money back guarantee for 100 days which is plenty of time to give it a good try.

What are the Disadvantages of Testogen?

  • Results may vary depending on the health, lifestyle and general physique of the individual
  • Not cheap but worth it
  • Can only be purchased on the official website

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